Science of Beauty

Glow from within

Your skin is comprised of three layers of cells.

The top layer is comprised of dry/dead skin.

The second layer is comprised of biologically active/alive skin cells that are often damaged by natural aging processes as well as environmental hazards such as UV exposure and air pollutants.

The third layer is a healthy fresh and new alive layer of skin cells that are pristine, untouched and undamaged. These are the skin cells of our youth.

These Three layers of skin are laid out like a layer of bricks with mortar between the bricks. In order for a skin care product to be effective, it has to be able to do different biological work at each and every layer.

We use cold-extraction process and olignutrients nano technology to isolate active ingredients that have a molecule structure small enough to lift and remove the top dead cell layer, penetrate and repair the middle layer and protect the deepest layer.